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Welcome to the “Socrates Organic Village – Wild Olive”, a place of tranquillity, a place where we protect and respect nature and all around us.

The Socrates Organic Village-Wild Olive, that operates as a “retreat – get away from it all” location, that is found within an organic farm (in the area of Agrilia, Messolonghi), offers its guests the ability to escape the chaos of the day-to-day, a place of natural beauty, a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, the  panoramic views of the verdant mountain sides of Arakynthos and surrounding hills and the unique Messolonghi lagoon.



Inside this privately owned 10 acre organic farm, one finds 2 areas.

-- One area (the chill area) is made up from 5 independent air-conditioned bungalows (traditional type) and a pool.
This area offers its guests an added location for all who wish that little extra peace and a tranquil environment.

-- The second area, the main building, offers to its guests, 10 rooms, a breakfast area, the reception and 1 pool that is divided into 2 independent sections.
One section being of a shallow end which is ideal for toddlers and small kids, and a deeper end for all others.



What makes the Socrates Organic Village – Wild Olive even more attractive, is that this location is only a five minute drive from Messolonghi where one finds restaurants, bars, shops, supermarkets, museums and historical sites.

At a ten minute drive, one can reach the islet of Tourlida, that is located in the infamous lagoon of Messolonghi via a 5km long road that divides the lagoon and sea access to the port.




 Socrates Organic Village - Wild Olive, 
Argilia, Messolonghi, for a "retreat – get away from it all” location


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Socrates Organic Village Agrillia

Welcome to Socrates Organic Village Agrillia! If you yarn for a break from the chaos of city life, then come and visit us. Discover the hidden beauties of Western Greece, discover the last paradise on earth in Europe.

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For general information please contact us:
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  +30 26310 50123 
Mobile: +30 697 867 6171

Check-in from: 3pm
Check out by: 12pm

The front desk / reception is open from: 8am - 8pm

For outside hours check-in, please contact us.

  Agrilia, Messolonghi, 30200, Aetoloakarnania, Greece

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