The region and its history

The natural environment

soc64_ΠΕΛΑΔΑ.JPG  In the area of ​​Messolonghi, there are numerous bays and natural harbors, kilometers with unique natural beauty, pristine, sandy, coast of incomparable beauty.

The lagoon of Messolonghi, with lakes and rivers of the region are the largest complex of Mediterranean wetlands. Area the greater part of a National Natural Park, integrated in the European Natura 2000 network and protected by the RAMSAR Convention, which certifies their value as rare biotope.

Here where economic "development" has not yet altered its nature, more than 300 bird species have been observed in different seasons, lagoons, lakes and other wetlands in the region and the surrounding hills, including 32 of the 38 raptors vultures in Europe. The Bonelli's Eagle, the Lesser Spotted Eagle, the Black Vulture, the tailed, the Basilaetos, the Short-toed Eagle, the Pontikovarvakina, the Peregrine, the Kestrel, the goshawk, the Sparrowhawk and Xouliaromytes nest either year-round or seasonally around the lake and surrounding mountains, and find abundant food.

   Separate the spectacle offered by flamingos, who in recent years there throughout the winter and early spring. There overwinter the Greek Dalmatian, but other birds such Skalidres, Trynges, Tourlos that we see in muddy areas and abandoned salt pans. The salt marshes are part and those in the wetland as a special type of wetland complex, since in some basins developed in the bottom of plants which feed enough water birds. It is a paradise for fans of bird watching that hidden observe with their binoculars beautiful birds like the Phalacrocorax pygmeus, the Pelecanus crispus, the Aythya nyroca, the Haliaeetus albicilla, the Aegypius monachus, the clanga Aquila and Aquila heliaca, the Gallinago media (migration). In winter it is estimated that gathered around 20,000 waterfowl, of which 10.000 Anas penelope, 3.000 Anas crecca, 3.000 Anas clypeata, and 15,500 ducks Fulica atra.I best time for bird watching is spring. A real life ark ...

   Pristine natural forests and lush Mediterranean vegetation covering the beautiful mountains, within which shelter many rare birds (such as the imperial eagle, the nightingale, the woodpecker) and many rare mammals (such as the jackal, the wild boar and the deer). Extensive lowland portions interrupted by the mountains of virgin mountain ranges of the region complement the natural surroundings.

An endless combination of mountain landscapes, wetlands complexes of rare beauty, wonderful beaches and numerous islands. It is no exaggeration that the region is called & "Natural Park of Greece." 


Messolonghi and its history

_15_2015_09_09_10_17_17_UTC.JPG    The Aetolia, as it was called wider area around Messolonghi, inhabited by the Aetolians and Curetes, in prehistoric times. From the 7th century BC, the most important of which was the region flourished great city-states, the Calydon, the Plevrona, & the Oiniades.    

   The first settlement in the place where is the city of Messolonghi the built Dalmatian pirates in the 13th m.Ch.aiona on three islands that later consolidated. Natural stronghold that protected its people against each intrusion was always the lagoon of Messolonghi, since swampy soils and marshes does not allow easy access. The town of Missolonghi a refuge for pirates and fishing village, gradually became an important commercial port with important shipyards. The Mesologi develop large shipbuilding and Naftemporiki activity during the 17th & 18th century.


   The historical memory equated Missolonghi with the uprising of the Greek people in 1821 for freedom from Turkish slavery, and was closely associated with one of the glorious pages of our history, the heroic 'Exodus of the Free Besieged ", which was the universal symbol of the struggle of peoples for freedom.


For that of the offer in the fight for liberty, Messolonghi has been declared as the "Holy City of Greece." The unique holy city in the world, not for religious reasons, but thanks to show self-sacrifice of the inhabitants of the altar of Liberty.

"Every man is free burgher Missolonghi." enter the stone sign welcomes visitors at the eastern gateway to the city.

Messolonghi today

  Today Mesolongi is an important fish production center, lives in the "now" through the rhythms of student town which has about 4,000 students. It is the largest podilatoupoli of Greece s, which in some way encourages you to leave the car aside and choose a different mode of transport, like they all do.

The most interesting places to visit is surely the Gate of Exodus, the Garden of Heroes, City Hall Square Markou Botsari, which houses the History and Art Museum, the Folklore Museum, the family residence Trikoupi residence Palamas the Valveios library, Literature & art Center Outlet and contemporary art gallery Christos and Sophia Moschandreou. 


   SOC2.jpgUnique experience an afternoon visit to Tourlida, a peculiar lake settlement of "pelades" that stunts on poles at the entrance of the lagoon. The route is spectacular and takes you on a spectacular magical sunset, making the best sunsets in the world pale.

   The Messolonghi attractions do not end here, as the whole city and the hidden corners to the surrounding area to discover, while travelogue interesting both from an environmental and from a historical perspective will reach its zenith around the lagoon hugs from everywhere " holy City. "

   But from Messolongi not missing and picturesque taverns, traditional ouzopoleia and very good restaurants, full of people give a different aura in the region. In Messolongi food and drink are a tradition with local flavors and recipes unchanged over time. Famous for the roe, eel & pedals grilled, salted fish, and the quality of salt.



MESOLOGGI: Idyllic nature and relish, salt and tranquility in a beautiful place loaded with tradition and history starting from the Mycenaean period and reaches so far.



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